Quick Tip: Highcharts credit in a new window

Here is a great fiddle by Torstein Hønsi, that shows how to have highcharts credits open in a new window/tab.


Quick Tip: WordPress and Campaign Monitor

Just a quick and easy way to integrate your campaign monitor list. Note: this post first appeared Apr 18, 2013, and has been updated to reflect the most recent information.



Top 6 resources that you may find at your local library

The library now has more services than just book for video lending. This post describes what can be found in the city of Toronto, Canada. Be sure to check out your cities branch as well, as some of the services described below can be found in other major Canadian (and U.S.) cities.


Asp.net 4.0 master pages with bootstrap

A github repo that pulls together various open source asp.net with bootstrap components and having them work in an ASP.net master page.

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Bootstrap movie search

This small php application is an app that searches IMDB by using an API from omdbapi.com. This code is using PHP5 and Simple XML as the back-end, while the front end is created using bootstrap.

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JavaScript Demos

Some examples include RequireJs, BootStrap, YQL and Google Maps. More will be on the way!

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